• Recover the hidden treasure in document storage
  • Reduce operational cost with improved efficiency and security.
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Managing Documents
was never so easy.
Aagam Digisys Private Limited has been established to provide a correct mix of technology with effective cost and control to diversified clients for organisations including professionals who aim to optimize their cost without losing effective control over the operations. Using their vast experience they have come up with another efficient solution of organizations.
Situation of DMS
  • Physical documents filed in physical files with no backup of documents.
  • After consuming office storage space, the documents are shifted to a different location which is a recurring expense.
  • E-documents are backed-up in whatever best option available but frequency never fixed. Once deleted recovery possible but not guaranteed.
  • In the present scenario at most of the organization, realization of that the document is missing, comes when it is needed. Then the panic.
Benefits of
Aagam DMS
  • Every organisation has a separate database, access to which is restricted only to the users of the organisation.
  • Data can never be permanently deleted by any user. If deleted Admin can recover the same at click of a button.
  • Files can never be over written.
  • Approx. 75% reduction in document management cost.
  • Accountability of staff towards document management.
  • Automated backup every 2 hours.
  • Easy retrieval of documents.
Features of
Aagam DMS
  • All type of documents, are stored at one location and organized properly.
  • Stored in user friendly categories with controllable access.
  • Data is stored after capturing all the properties related to it. Like keywords, type of file, year, category and clients.