Mr Sanjeev Aul has been serving a large section of the industry since the last 30+ years. Aagam Digisys Private Limited has been established to provide a correct mix of technology with effective cost and control to diversified clients for organisations including professionals who aim to optimize their cost and at the same time expand their reach nationally and internationally without losing effective control over the operations.
With over 25 years direct association with customers and end-line operators, our experience has given us the insight on the requirement of rationalization of the resources to maximize the benefit of the consumer not only at a reasonable cost but also at an affordable cost. Apart from providing State-of-art systems to customers off all classes, Aagam aims to provide access to flexible infrastructure to small and growing enterprises at a cost efficient dynamic environment. We strongly believe everyone should have access to required technology at an affordable and reasonable cost
We have a rich and diverse experience being associated with financial and system professionals ensuring richness of content and understanding. We have developed and implemented end to end solutions and worked with diverse service sectors and Industries.
We have necessary professional framework to identify, develop and deploy IT applications, which can create a high system-economic impact by enabling, better planning, monitoring, and coordination of all organizational functions.