Technology at affordable Cost
Our world after American melt-down is based on tough competition where cost cutting is a Major Focus Area. We intend to deliver the benefits of latest systems at a price affordabe to most Small Enterprises or considerable cost efficiency to Medium Enterprises.
Aagam Logistic Systems
A complete logistic ERP specially developed for the International Freightforwarders enabling efficient handling of Data, online documentaion and Reports.The advantage of this system is its aassociated Financial Accounting Module for online updation of the Books of Accounts
Software and Process consultancy
Whether it is a personalising our own ERP or conceptualising one you can depend on Aagam. We undertake full system assessment, improvement and redisigning to enable your organisation become Modern Systems (ISO) compliant. We also undertake Web based systems development
Web and Mobile Application
A mobile web application combines the convenience of one touch devices with the flexibility of the web. Mobile web apps are compatible on multiple OS such as iOS, Android and Windows — making it effortless to deliver your content to a massive mobile audience. Mobile web apps can integrate a wide array of content and deliver it in more meaningful ways such as syncing up of the website content with social media feeds, maps, polls, events, and more.